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    About the Florida Academy of Ayurveda Online

    Denise O’Dunn earned her degree in Ayurveda in 2005. Many of Denise’s clients expressed serious interest in deepening their knowledge of Ayurveda through formal education. In the spring of 2011, our first class at the Florida Academy of Ayurveda commenced. For 10 years, in the Tampa Bay area, our students attended classes in person, as they earned diplomas as Ayurveda Health Counselors and Ayurveda Practitioners.

    in early 2020, provoked by the pandemic, our academy transitioned to all-virtual attendance. As it became necessary for students to access classes online, we developed our programs to enhance their virtual learning experience.

    We now offer an online platform for Ayurveda students and professionals to receive continuing education, mentoring, and digital products for their personal development and professional practices.

    For non-professionals interested in exploring the benefits of Ayurveda, we cater to you with online courses, virtual classes, and digital publications to help you develop skills to achieve your personal balance.

    The Florida Academy of Ayurveda is now 100% online, we have extended our reach as we spread the beauty and benefits of Ayurveda to everyone, everywhere!

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