• Doshas

    Derived from the five great elements, the Doshas are the three regulatory principles and dynamic forces that contribute to the existence of all things.


    Vata is the subtle energy consisting of the elements of ether and air. The qualities of Vata are light, cold, dry, mobile, subtle, clear and rough. The Vata dominate individual is tall or short with a thin build and long, narrow or small features.


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    Pitta is the dynamic force comprised of the elements of fire and water. The nature of Pitta is light, hot, oily, mobile, liquid and sharp. The Pitta dominate individual is of a medium height and bone structure, with well-proportioned medium size features.


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    Kapha is the stable form composed of the elements of water and earth. The characteristics of Kapha are heavy, cold, oily, static, gross, cloudy, smooth, slow, wet, dense and soft. The Kapha dominant individual is taller or shorter than average with large bones, a solid build and broad or full features.


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