• Kapha


    Water and Earth / Binding Force

    Kapha is the stable form composed of the elements of water and earth. The characteristics of Kapha are heavy, cold, oily, static, gross, cloudy, smooth, slow, wet, dense and soft. The Kapha dominant individual is taller or shorter than average with large bones, a solid build and broad or full features. When balanced, the Kapha person is relaxed, patient, conservative and stable. Accumulated Kapha can create lethargy, depression, weight gain, congestion and attachment. The cool, damp and heavy nature of Kapha is balanced by stimulating, warming and circulating ways.


    Height, Body frame, Weight

    Tall and stocky or short and compact – large bones, solid build – gains weight easily, difficult to lose


    Large or broad facial features


    Large, round, pleasant eyes


    Thick, wavy, oily, shiny or abundant hair


    Round, fleshy, well-knit, padded, lubricated joints


    Oily, moist, smooth, pale, soft, thick skin that tans gradually – prone to large or congested pores


    Cool or moist hands and feet – moderate circulation

    Eating & Sleeping Habits

    Over eating or sleeping too long

    Appetite & Thirst

    Stable appetite or thirst – prone to emotional eating

    Digestion – upper

    Slow but regular digestion – heavy feeling after eating


    Slow but regular elimination

    Energy & Endurance

    Low energy or slow, consistent pace – high endurance


    Strong resistance to illness


    Likes simplicity and routine – resists change – attached


    Slow to memorize, but once retained never forget


    Takes time making decisions – gathers details – stays with decision


    Talks slowly and conservatively – even pitch or melodious speech


    Detailed, methodical or conservative

    Stress Response

    Attached, cautious, lethargic, in denial, depressed, or greedy

    Social Preference

    Prefers time alone, loyal friendships

    Spending Habits

    Spends reluctantly, money is to saved for unknown

    Sleep Quality

    Fall asleep quickly and sleep heavy and long – wake up slowly but rested

    Climate Preference

    Prefers a dry and warm climate -dislikes wet, cold, and cloudy weather