• Our Clients

    Our Clients

    I had an absolutely amazing experience in my Ayurveda session with Denise O’Dunn. The personal evaluation and lessons in Ayurveda were in depth, yet easy to understand. Denise has a remarkably calm and nurturing manner and it is immediately obvious she knows what she is talking about. I was given plenty of practical advice and inspiration for living a healthier, happier life. I learned that this lifestyle is not about giving up anything, but rather maximizing healthy choices that lead to a better life.

    C.D. Washington, NC

    I thoroughly appreciate the attention to detail and care that Denise has for her clients at Balance & Bliss Ayurveda. I most recently had an initial Ayurvedic consultation and am impressed by the personal recommendations given to increase my well-being. The consultation is well worth it as you receive personalized yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques, mantras and heartfelt suggestions to live your best life.

    K.S. Tampa, FL

    Denise is so wonderful! Her knowledge and language gave me answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. I felt so cared for and also well prepared for my next steps toward a vital and healthy life. Thank you for all you do at Balance and Bliss!

    L.T.  Ft. Walton Beach, FL

    Meeting with Denise for a consultation was like reconnecting with a dear friend, I felt immediately at home and enjoyed every minute of our time together. Her analysis and insights were exactly what I needed. I am very grateful.

    S.T. Lithia, FL

    Denise listened to all my issues, based on my feedback she will provide recommendations. Denise is a very empathetic, great listener.

    P.C. Plantation, FL

    Meeting with Denise was amazing! I felt safe sharing some details I don’t share with many. She was kind and understanding. She sent me some amazing recommendations! I cannot wait to continue to this adventure with her! Thank you!

    C.H. Tampa, FL

    Went for a consultation with Denise and was presently surprised with the depth of the discussions, her knowledge, and kindness. The insights taken from the session have been very helpful. Thank you so much!

    M.K. Hollywood, FL

    Denise’s evaluation was comfortable and thorough. She easily guided me through the evaluation with laughter and love. Our connection transcended the physical limitations of our time and I look forward to her guidance on my journey back to my natural dosha.

    M.K. Tampa, FL

    Denise, I am so thrilled with our meeting and am just so happy to have all the wonderful information you have shared with me.  I thank you for your enthusiasm in the field and in your guidance. I have been able to incorporate some aspects into my daily routine and have had some wonderful results.  For one, I feel more grounded!  For two, my skin is less dry!  For three, I am regular!  In general, I already feel more energized. I’m just very happy with the foundation that I have to build from. Again, thank you.

    H. S. Bartow, FL

    Amazing!! I’m so tired of traditional general western medicine so coming here was a breath of fresh air. She gives you REAL actionable steps to take care of your OWN health and OWN your own health. Will be returning for sure. The mindfulness of health here is absolutely phenomenal. She truly cares too.

    J.D. Tampa, FL

    I was experiencing a horrible episode of insomnia which was lasting over 5 weeks, then I had an Ayurvedic consultation with Denise. I started sleeping through the night a few days after taking the herbal formula she made for me and using my personal blend oil on my feet at night. I feel so much more alive, and I have been sleeping a lot (probably catching up on all my lost sleep). I feel more positive and balanced and less stressed. I’ve always been intrigued by Ayurveda and try to incorporate it in my life as practically possible. But this is a true testament to how great Ayurvedic remedies work. I tried so many other things, but I always come back to Ayurveda! Many thanks for helping me get back into balance and bliss!

    R.L. St. Petersburg, FL

    What a great experience! Everything was explained in great detail, and I now have some great information I can use to get my health and wellbeing back on track. I highly recommend Denise at Balance & Bliss Ayurveda.

    D.T. Tampa, FL

    Thank you so much Denise! It was such a pleasure having the experience with you. I appreciate your time in helping me. After our session I really remembered who I used to be. I felt a greater connection to my source and it felt easier to reach. Thank you for the enlightenment. I have already incorporated some of your suggestions and plan doing more and more each week.

    L.K. Land O’Lakes, FL

    I was in angst when I showed up for my consultation. You know that feeling of racing thoughts, blood pressure throbbing and utter fatigue. Denise had me dialed in on the spot. Her recommendations go far beyond any Western medical practitioner.

    D.K.  Tampa, FL

    Thank-you for all your caring and support, I have been under so much stress with work and the failing health of my Father.  It is funny sometimes how you find things just when you need them.  Ayurveda is amazing and you are the best person to be helping people understand it.

    D.O. Sarasota, FL

    Balance & Bliss turned my life around. Denise is Mother Earth to me, she gives all she has to you. Not just the Ayurvedic recommendations, but she listens to you with full attention and talks things through. I continue to use the Ayurvedic recommendations provided to me on a daily basis.

    S.M. Palm Harbor, FL

    I visited Denise about 2 months ago, for my very first ayurvedic consultation. It was such a wonderful experience. Denise was so genuine, knowledgeable, kind, and full of wisdom. I have recommended her practice to my friends and family and my mother plans on visiting Balance & Bliss at some point in the near future. I have since used several of the products that are available for purchase through her website and they are excellent. Thank you, Denise, for all the information you shared with me during our session. I love that I can refer back to it all at various points throughout my life!

    C.L. Oldsmar, FL

    Denise has a calming presence and you’ll feel comfortable sharing your issues with her in a safe environment. She didn’t rush and took plenty of time with my consult and creating a custom plan for me. I will have a personalized oil and tea recipe as well for me made to assist me with balancing my doshas.

    D.L. Clearwater, FL