• Pitta


    Fire and Water / Transforming Force

    Pitta is the dynamic force comprised of the elements of fire and water. The nature of Pitta is light, hot, oily, mobile, liquid and sharp. The Pitta dominate individual is of a medium height and bone structure, with well-proportioned medium size features. The natural state of the Pitta person is intense, purposeful, sharp and orderly. In excess, Pitta can lead to anger, jealousy, inflammation, hypertension and ulcers. The hot, passionate and piercing nature of Pitta is calmed by cool, soothing and diffusing means.


    Height, Body frame, Weight

    Medium height – symmetrical, balanced or well developed – can gain or lose weight easily


    Medium or proportionate facial features


    Medium, sparkling or intense eyes


    Fine, straight, or silky hair – early graying or balding


    Medium, loose, flexible, or toned joints


    Moderately oily, soft, or fair skin that easily burns  – prone to freckles, moles, or rashes


    Warm hands and feet – good circulation

    Eating & Sleeping Habits

    Regular eating or sleeping habits

    Appetite & Thirst

    Strong appetite or thirst – irritable when hungry

    Digestion – upper

    Good digestion – can eat large quantities – strong metabolism


    Regular or frequent elimination – may have diarrhea

    Energy & Endurance

    Moderate and focused energy – moderate endurance


    Moderate resistance to illness


    Likes to plan – will make logical and rational changes – purposeful


    Sharp memory – focused mind


    Makes decisions easily- sees things clearly


    Talks in a concise and orderly manner – fluid speech – may be impatient or cutting


    Efficient, organized or accurate

    Stress Response

    Strong willed, irritable, frustrated, resentful, impatient or angry

    Social Preference

    Prefers small gatherings, selective but close friendships

    Spending Habits

    Plans spending, money is for achieving purpose

    Sleep Quality

    Fall asleep easily and sleep soundly –  awaken alert and rested                                                                    

    Climate Preference

    Prefers a cool and dry climate – dislikes hot, humid and sunny weather