Ether and Air / Moving Force

Vata is the subtle energy consisting of the elements of ether (space) and air. The qualities of Vata are light, cold, dry, mobile, subtle, clear and rough. The Vata dominate individual is tall or short with a thin build and long, narrow or small features. In balance the Vata person is lively, creative, quick and spontaneous. When Vata is in excess anxiety, fear, insomnia, indigestion and fatigue may be experienced. The light, cold and irregular nature of Vata is grounded by warm, wet, heavy and nurturing methods.


Height, Body frame, Weight

Very tall or very short – thin, lanky or underdeveloped – doesn’t gain weight easily

FaceSmall, thin or long facial features
EyesSmall, unsteady or active eyes
HairDry, thin, course, or tight curly hair
JointsIrregular, prominent, stiff, or cracking joints
SkinThin, dry, rough, or fine pored, skin that rarely burns
CirculationCold hands and feet – poor circulation
Eating & Sleeping HabitsIrregular eating or sleeping habits
Appetite & ThirstVariable appetite or thirst – dizzy or weak between meals
Digestion – upperIrregular digestion – difficulty with large meals – fast metabolism
EliminationIrregular elimination – may have gas or constipation
Energy & EnduranceEnergy fluctuates or comes in bursts – low endurance
ImmunityLow resistance to illness
RoutinesPrefers change and movement – dislikes routine – restless
MemoryQuick to memorize, but absentminded
DecisivenessDifficulty making decisions or staying focused
SpeechTalkative or talks quickly – high pitch or irregular speech patterns -change subject often
PersonalityImaginative, creative or inventive
Stress ResponseSensitive, anxious, nervous, worried, fretful or fearful
Social PreferencePrefers large gatherings, know a lot of people, few close friends
Spending HabitsSpends impulsively, money is to be used
Sleep QualityDifficulty falling asleep or having a sound night’s sleep – tired upon waking
Climate PreferencePrefers a tropical climate – dislikes dry, cold and windy weather